How To Define Your Best Customers

How to define your best customers

This article is for those who have already started selling their stuff but haven’t figured out how to sell it better.

If you don’t know where to go, eventually you won’t get anywhere. To know about your customers means to be aware of their likes and dislikes, where they live, where they work, etc., it means to know where to direct your business development. For marketers, every detail about the customers is the key to being able to reach them. And target audience doesn’t always have to be the audience with the same tastes, from the same country, or possessing similar business. For such reason, your business needs creating an ad that would appeal to multiple audiences by finding common ground through storytelling.

A buyer persona

It would be great to see who already uses your website or application. What would you do if you knew that most of your visitors are German- and French-speaking, Windows 8.1 users, rarely returned, spending on average $20 for your services? You would probably want to add more languages to your website interface and make your visitors feel comfortable, you would firstly quality test your site on Windows 8.1, you would track the funnel to see where visitors leave.

A traffic quality

Next stage of your investigation is defining whether you pour your traffic into right sources. Purchasing quality traffic is our aim at this step. That’s, where we’ll stop today.

If you have already signed up and integrated your application to Maxymizely, follow me, please;) (otherwise, check Demo without sign-ups and decide whether Maxymizely looks appealing for you):


  1. Log in 
  2. Go to Traffic Quality
  3. In Settings, you can indicate how each quality metric is important for you.

Maxymizely considers your inputs and grades your users as high, medium, and low-quality ones. Until you make your selections Maxymizely will use the default settings.

  1. Now, in Filters, set those which apply to you. (watch this video tutorial for more information about setting filters)
  1. Analyze the chart you will get, considering the quality of your users. (remember, you set these metrics of quality due to your needs and desires)

There are many possible Traffic Quality reports you may want to analyze


I want to point your attention to a few the most important moments in this report:

Quality IndexesThe correlation between two selected indexes.

3D Quality Indexes The quality of your users, illustrated on a 3D cube (considering those metrics you choose on your own).

Traffic Quality Treemap – Conversion distribution by traffic segments.

The rest are pretty obvious I suppose (ping me in case not).

And remember, as long as you know the reality of your business (your buyer persona and your traffic quality), you start acting:

  • Communicate with your current users and try to improve their “quality” (making them payable or possessing any other quality that would be beneficial for your business). Some of the ways how to properly communicate with your customers here.
  • Get rid of low-quality visitors
  • Choose the proper for your business traffic sources

Stay in touch and flourish!

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