Why Maxymizely A/B & Multivariate Testing?

Maxymizely.com is an advanced A/B and multivariate testing service for online business owners and digital marketers.

With Maxymizely.com everyone can easily experiment with texts, colors and locations of CTAs to find out which ones convert the most visitors. Increase registrations by testing sign-up form lengths, types of fields in the form, or how privacy policy or “social proof” is displayed! Take into account the user’s location, device type, screen resolution, etc. to figure out which content is working well and which needs revision. Test, analyze, and maximize, applying recent mathematical approaches in testing and optimizing. We explore and exploit algorithms of reinforcement learning to conduct our optimization tests. These tests guarantee that all of your precious target actions for content variations with really low conversion will be saved and the best content variations will get the most traffic. We’ve managed to integrate the last discoveries from the multi-armed bandit theory, Bayesian probability, and neural network developments to find the effective method of automated weight balancing for content variation.

The extra feature of Maxymizely.com is in-depth traffic and crash analytics for your apps (both for mobile and web apps). You’ll better understand specific strengths and weaknesses of your app and make it more user-friendly.

Maxymizely.com is FREE for websites with traffic < 25 000 unique users per month.