X-Mas sales. Does it worth it? Psychological aspects and useful techniques

The merry season has arrived as usual unexpectedly and all the existent goods in the world have magically turned into the potential gifts. The most brainy and agile marketers have already applied their year-to-year strategy of customer-in-holiday attraction for the reason that those, who fail to gain the most from the holiday time, loose a huge revenue opportunity.


The found figures why we have to prepare and put all the resources into pre-Christmas sales and customer’s involvement according to the report by Stored Value Solutions (SVS) are quite reasonable and have to be considered:

  • 92% of holiday online shoppers either search for or purchase presents.
  • The most profitable online time is weekdays from 12:00 to 14:00 and Sunday evenings.
  • 41% of online shoppers go to the unknown retailer to try something new.

As you may see, your customers not only are expecting the sales from you, they are open to fresh goods, so don’t disappoint them.


Your customers are always in hurry and a bit depressed, and pretty stressed out before holidays, so save their time and make their purchase particularly entertaining, convenient, relaxing, motivating, and quick. There are some other aspects that are equally important for your customers, though bring different effects and have been classified into pleasant and time-saving:

Your To-Do List
Your To-Do List
  1. Offer a few admirable choices instead of all that you wish to get rid of. Remember, your customers are not fools, so the stuff you don’t need yourself (or can’t see its purposeful usage) can’t be valued by the audience. Though, if accidentally you push some junk to somebody, you won’t see these customers on your site anymore. What’s more, unfortunately (or fortunately) the bad impression generates more comments than good. So, be sure that an unsatisfied customer takes a dozen of potential customers away from you.
  2. Make the holiday offers extremely useful and convenient for the customer as they pay for results and convenience. By results the authors mean a quality product, by the convenience – can be anything, starting from 24/7 service and pleasant operators to the instant delivery to the addressee.
  3. Appeal to people’s feelings is possible only at Christmas time. As normally it’s much easier to convince people by making them use their brain than by tempting their feelings. At this time, miracles happen, the hearts are getting softer, and everyone wants to make, to see, or at least to become a part of the miracle.
  4. Send out the Xmas emails with your special offers. It may work especially if your goods or services possess one of the following quality pairs (or all): attractive & useful, practical & innovative, adventurous & affordable.
  5. Offer something special. The holidays time brings all of us the desire to appreciate our loved ones and impress them with tiny and massive gifts. Maxymizely also has got a unique offer: pay for one and get 2 times more Monthly Active Users. (Find the prices here)
  6. Refresh the design: decorate your site to meet the holidays. It’s not a life-changing solution, just a pleasant details for you loyal customers. They visit your website, as usual, they perform a routine tally of clicks and scrolls, and trust me, they’ll become fulfilled and satisfied with your services if you pay a bit more attention to them at this time.

    Maxymizely Celebrates Christmas
    Maxymizely Is Ready for Christmas
  7. Provide the Christmas gift last minute delivery. One of the most actual, acute, and an in-holiday-mood beautiful solution to keep your old and make some new customers with your quick 24/7 readiness to present your service or deliver your goods.
  8. Make it personal. Every customer is an individual, great creation, who strives, expects, and deserves proper treatment. So, if you know your customers, have their contacts, offer them the services or combination of goods not randomly, but in person, after the deliberate investigation. And don’t spare your efforts for your clients as they feed you, so once a year you may give something away.

At the end, I’d like to add that while implementing some or all of the listed ideas into your own reality, don’t forget to A/B test all of your changes. Spilt you traffic between among offers and make your own conclusions on what works better before holidays for you.


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